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  Production process of KB_Soft Group
"If you don't actively attack risks, they will actively attack you."

Tom Gilb

We at KB_Soft Group use our own project methodology of planning, execution and project implementation control, focusing upon quality of created products. It is based on widely known methodologies, such as Rational Unified Process (RUP), Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) and eXtreme Programming (XP).

MSF enables to establish our engineering process for the design group and to involve our Customers in engineering process. RUP enables to describe the process where it is necessary very exactly, and produces a detailed level plan of measures,
  making the engineering process more predicted and controlled. And XP helps to make usage of many generally accepted and widely used programming principles up to an extreme level. Our production process bases on the following main principles:

Iterative development.

Directing (working out) requirements.

Applying modular architectures.

Using visual designing.

Quality check at each iteration.

Tracing changes.

We use the most advanced technologies and tools for project development, handling and testing. It maximum effectively allows to work on projects and to raise efficiency of developers, and finally to satisfy needs of our Customers.