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  Production process of KB_Soft Group
"Quality Begins with Delighting the Customer... Customers must get what they want, when they want it, and how they want it."

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Our sincere aspiration is to make our Customers satisfied through providing high quality software development services exceeding their expectations. Quality of offshore software development services, as we see it, is a complex concept. It concerns not just quality of product/service itself but rather quality of software development production process. Formalized production processes and production development mechanisms - that is what defines quality. Using efficient project management methods is an essential attribute of a quality production process. We treat quality as an imperishable value, a lifestyle, an ideology penetrating all the aspects of KB_Soft Group�s activity. High quality of software development services is the highest priority of KB_Soft Group's activity. Quality management is a basis for production process improvement, understanding clients' needs and maintaining the transparency of software development processes. We constantly strive to improve all software development processes taking into account cutting-edge knowledge and practices in the field of quality and project management. We, at KB_Soft Group, base our software development activity on the following fundamental principles:

1. Client-centric approach

Our work is rooted in understanding our client's unique needs and meeting their requirements. We aspire to exceed their expectations by providing them with �just-what-they-want� development solutions at minimum possible expenses.

2. Aiming at constant quality improvement

KB_Soft Group's managers pursuit the development of the organizational structure that assures constant quality improvement.

3. Involving our software engineers

We strive to create all necessary conditions to expose creative potential of each software developer as much as possible and to use his potential in our company�s interests and, therefore, in our clients'. KB_Soft Group�s corporate culture promotes achievement of synergy effect, which means that aggregate result of team work essentially surpasses the sum of results of each software engineer. And these are not mere words but friendly personal relations between team members inside KB_Soft Group and real constructive team spirit that make it possible.

4. The process approach

We consider resources and activities in which they are employed as processes to achieve the best result.

5. The system approach

Implementing the system approach to process management allows all the processes to be identified as well as their interrelations enabling the conformity of products and services with Customer's needs. Project and quality management methodologies, which are introduced at KB_Soft Group, and a used tool kit have enabled us to improve the software development production process to comply with the third level of Capability Maturity Model (CMM).