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Offshore software development feels in-house
Offshore software development feels   in-house

Offshore software development, which feels in house, allows you to


Get an optimal solution with minimum possible expenses

When working on a software development project, a software engineer is always faced with the necessity of choosing the way to resolve one task or another. Our software developers strive to find the happy medium, a solution that, on the one hand, conforms to your requirements and needs and, on the other hand, requires the minimum of expenses to implement. In any case KB_Soft Group suggests and you are the one who chooses.

Effectively manage your offshore development

When you outsource to KB_Soft Group, you do not lose sight of your software development project after its startup. You retain it under full control by continuously getting information of all details. You can follow your project development progress and make your timely corrections as you would do if you had it being developed in-house.

Trace what every outsourcing dollar is spent for

On a daily basis, KB_Soft Group keeps you informed about your offshore project progress with job reports which accumulate information on all software development tasks performed, time spent on each of them and the number of software developers involved.

Implement your offshore software development project without excessive formalization and official ambages

It is usually time-consuming to prepare for an offshore software development project since it is not possible to see the software development process at first hand. Normally offshore outsourcing requires a set of documentation formally describing the offshore project in detail, as the software development results rely on it.

When you implement a software development project in-house, the project documentation can be less formalized, because you keep the project development under control and correct it when necessary. The software development project is considered to be completed when your team has achieved real project objectives which may shift during software development project implementation, but not when formalized project requirements are implemented. With KB_Soft Group you can seamlessly extend your in-house development team using the same approach as in-house.

With KB_Soft Group, you will not have to lose your time waiting for co-ordination of your offshore software development projects, typical for big rigid-structured companies. We promise lack of official ambages and prompt decision-making.