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iPAQ Inventory DLL



The objective of this project was to find a solution for unique identification of the COMPAQ iPAQ PDAs. It should be mentioned, this project was a part of a large research work, that is of the
  Pocket PC Inventory Tool which results helped our Customer evaluate the capabilities and range of functionality available for the software and hardware inventory of handheld devices.


The project resulted in a library solving the task of the unique identification of the COMPAQ iPAQ PDAs running the Pocket PC operating system. The library is installed on the PDA by the application launched on the "Desktop PC", which the identified handheld device is synchronized with. After the library has been installed on the
  PDA, the same application running on the "Desktop PC" calls a special function from the library. The code of this function will be executed on the PDA. It obtains the unique identification number (a serial number) hardcoded into the device hardware and provides a unique identification of a PDA.

Developer's comments

Q: It seems to be a rather small project, does not it?

KB_Soft: Yes, that is true. This mini-project was implemented in terms of a large research work in the sphere of the PDA software and hardware inventory (Pocket PC Inventory Tool).

Q: What is so special about this task? Why was it performed as an independent project in your portfolio?

KB_Soft: Because of though this task is not large enough, actually, it turned out to be rather non-typical and difficult. We had to spend some time for research in order
  to find out possible ways of the PDA unique identification and choose the most reliable one that would suit the Customer's software product.

Q: But, nevertheless, the solution is not universal, is it?

KB_Soft: Yes, you are right. Though, functionally, this approach can be fully implemented on any handheld device running the Pocket PC OS, actually, the effectiveness of this solution depends on the PDA's manufacturer. At the moment of this project implementation the support for this function was guaranteed by the COMPAQ iPAQ handheld devices, so they were used for full-scale testing.