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gLines is our interpretation of a lines game implemented on Android platform. As in a classic lines your aim is to put balls of one color in the line of 5. But there are some cool features to make the game more addictive and interesting! We have added two special types of balls - a rainbow ball and a bomb.


So what do we have in gLines:
  • Original implementation with two more balls - rainbow and bomb
  • Cool and addictive puzzle game
  • Great animation
  • Clean and usable interface/li>
    Rainbow ball can match any color, it�s simple but can be useful. The bomb is a bit more useful then a rainbow. The first bomb�s feature - matches other ball of any color. The second one - when the bomb is placed in a line of other balls it destroys all balls of this color on a game field.
Try to get as more scores as possible, it will be quite challenging! Every turn three more balls will be added to a game field, and they can block some of other balls so create lines carefully!
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