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  Frequently Asked Questions

What team do you have?

All KB_Soft's developers graduated from an old Russian technical university and specialized in programming. They are all Brainbench certified and have Master Level in C, C++, and the .NET Framework.

Do you have happy clients?

If you want to know from the horse's mouth what clients think about KB_Soft services, you can read their messages or you can talk to them. Contact us for the details.

How is the code documented?

Irrespective of how difficult the code is, it is always provided with comments. If there are no additional requirements from the customer, KB_Soft is guided by how difficult the task is. If necessary, the code is delivered with the description and relevant diagrams.

Who owns the rights for the
source code?

KB_Soft Group provides Development Services helping companies/customers implement their ideas. So, the developed source code completely belongs to the customer who ordered the development.

The quality of communication plays a crucial role in the relationship between outsourcing partners. How do your customers estimate it?

You can get reliable information from KB_Soft's customers. Here are some of them:

Stephen Briggs
Engineering Director
Vector Networks Ltd.(2003)
"...Throughout our relationship, which is ongoing and strategically important to my company I hasten to add, our liaisons has been 99% by E-Mail, in English. ...but they have shown that they are perfectly capable of working directly with several members of our organisation and there have never been any problems with their English messages or the reports that they have written for us. I would emphasise that it is important that any organisation considering subcontract work like this (custom development - KB_Soft comment)
  should be willing and able to liaise via E-Mail and the accuracy and clarity of written specifications is crucial to achieving a fast turnaround on projects..."

Srdjan Mijanovic
Engineering Director
Intorel (2004)
"We're quite pleased with the progress made so far, and with the quality of your correspondence (at least); but I am sure that the code will be even better!"

Being aware that such kind of relationship requires high quality communication, KB_Soft's team controls all the business correspondence. So, KB_Soft rapidly reacts to all incoming messages and unambiguously formulates outgoing ones. To get an idea of the command of the English language and of the relevant terminology KB_Soft has, you can look through the site materials of the company. They all including Portfolio and documentation are prepared by KB_Soft's developers and technical writers. You can also give us a call or write to us. KB_Soft is always glad to hear from you.