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KB_Soft Group is Siberian muscle hired to speed Vector Networks software development

PC management specialists Vector Networks Inc. and its UK parent company Vector Networks Ltd. has dealt with the skills shortage in the UK by signing up a Russian company to help speed up product development of their flagship PC Management products. With an increased product portfolio Vector Networks was increasingly aware of the need to maintain low "time to market" development cycles while keeping lines of communication short and development costs down. Vector Networks bucked the trend to outsource some software development projects to the Indian sub-continent by turning to a largely untapped source of talent, namely Russia. After initially analysing the work of several Russian and Ukrainian software developers, Vector Networks devised a trial project, small in scope but technically tricky enough to test analytical and programming skills to the limit.
  As a result they have chosen their outsourcing partners, a team based in Siberia - KB_Soft Group. The team has the ideal skill set to work with Vector Networks.Colin Bartram, Product Marketing Director at Vector Networks expands:

"We decided upon a small team that was experienced in the use of our preferred toolset and highly trained. There was an immediate rapport, and they offered technical excellence, diligence, flexibility and co-operation. These were key elements for Vector Networks to maintain our high standards in development. The Vector Group as a company is interested in acquiring other complementary software technology and products to be sold via our extensive worldwide reseller network. Outsourcing to provide additional development muscle is invaluable for keeping the existing product ranges up to speed and being able to develop any new product sets quickly for the channel".

For more detailed information on this issue you may see the corresponding press release by Vector Networks.