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  The Customers about KB_Soft's Software Development Services

Outsourcing Software Development to KB_Soft, Novosibirsk

Vector Networks is a UK software development company that has been working with the team at KB_Soft for about 2.5 years now. We found them as a result of a lucky Internet search and we are very pleased that they replied to our English E-Mail asking if they were interested in doing contract development for us. The rest, they say, is history :-)

We approached other companies at the same time and gave them all projects to test their abilities. These projects were chosen to give them a non-obvious technical challenge so that we could see if the team members could think for themselves. We were not looking for a non-thinking partner that simply does what we ask; we needed a partner that would suggest better ways of solving problems so that the combined teams would be greater than either team alone. KB_Soft completed the technical test with flying colours. Not only did they perform the obvious and the non-obvious parts of the test, they also thought beyond my own understanding of the problem and revealed a new level of complexity that they solved (with an apology that the project took 6 days rather than the 5 that we had both expected!). My opinion after that was that they had done the project better than I would have done and they were in a different league to other organisations (one Indian; one Czech) that were given similar tasks.

  Since those early beginnings, we have grown our relationship steadily and KB_Soft have now gained an excellent understanding of our software design and they have made significant contributions to several aspects of it. Our commercial product is undeniably much better as a result.

Throughout our relationship, which is ongoing and strategically important to my company I hasten to add, our liaisons has been 99% by E-Mail, in English. KB_Soft's understanding of English was a concern for us when we embarked on the relationship but they have shown that they are perfectly capable of working directly with several members of our organisation and there have never been any problems with their English messages or the reports that they have written for us. I would emphasise that it is important that any organisation considering subcontract work like this should be willing and able to liaise via E-Mail and the accuracy and clarity of written specifications is crucial to achieving a fast turnaround on projects. We have also brought several of the KB_Soft team over to the UK and it was excellent to meet them in person and to enjoy spending time together. Several of us regard them as our personal friends now - the relationship is very strong.

I have no hesitation in recommending KB_Soft for software development services. They are technically excellent, thoroughly honest, hard-working individuals with a good eye for architectural elegance blended with commercial realism. It has been our privilege to work with them and we hope that our relationship continues for many more years to come.
        Stephen Briggs
Engineering Director
Vector Networks Limited
Tamworth, UK