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  About the KB_Soft Group

At KB_Soft Group, we see our mission in helping customers implement their ideas

KB_Soft Group is an offshore software development company located in Novosibirsk, one of the major scientific and educational centers in Russia. KB_Soft Group was founded by graduates of Novosibirsk State Technical University and keeps contact with Alma Mater, which enables us to strengthen our team with talented and versatile software developers.

Since 2000, KB_Soft Group has been involved in offshore software development projects as an outsourcing partner for professional participants of the European and American IT market.

Our major values are our customers and our people. We make a point of staff recruitment in our company. Our personnel policy is aimed at leaving out come-and-go people and searching for those whose life values
  coincide with our company's values. Namely, they are honesty, enthusiasm for a favorite occupation, i.e., programming, and a continuous desire to improve professional skills. Such an approach excludes come-and-go people from our company and practically brings employee turnover in our company to naught.

The personal relations inside our company are based on mutual respect and trust. The same attitude is brought to relationships with our clients. It is very important for us that every software engineer of KB_Soft feel responsible to the client and take care of his interests suggesting solutions that are impartially beneficial for our clients. That's why our principle is not to hire freelances. In offshore software development projects we use only our employed software developers.

We are convinced that such an approach to the personnel policy helps KB_Soft keep high quality of provided services and build trusting relationships with our clients.

Honesty is the best policy for offshore software development outsourcing.