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Web Management ASP Console



The project objective was to design a Web application that would allow to look through the reports, stored on the server, by means of a Web browser.


As a result the set of ASP pages was designed to look through the Crystal Reports stored on a server. This application enables the user to choose the data source, for which the reports should be generated, as well as to filter the data placed into a report (to select the data elements for which the report is generated). The additional requirement - application should support Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, and Mozilla browsers. All the data used in the reports is stored in the database. Filtering this data is executed on the basis of user's choice.

Technical peculiarities

This project implementation implied solving two tasks. First, we had to make the server side generate Web pages containing the Crystal Reports. At that, reports had to be represented both in usual HTML-format and by means of ActiveX component or
  Java Applet built into the Web page. Second, the client side scripts and HTML code, that implement the business logic layer of the Web Management Console, had to be written so that they would work correctly with all types of browsers to support.