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Web Interface Library



The objective of this project was to design the set of controls of a usual Windows GUI which can be conveniently used while creating Web applications, and built into the code of HTML pages directly.


The result of this project targets the Web application developers and Web designers. The work resulted in the library developed using Java Script. It contains a set of GUI controls. They are: different menus, dialog windows, windows to show the documents, windows to represent the list of documents, "Drag&Drop" functions, buttons, "check box" controls, icons, etc.

Developer's comments

Q: Was it a commercial project?

KB_Soft: Not quite. It was a pilot project. That is why it is worth mentioning that this library has a number of restrictions. In particular, the implemented version of the library works correctly only with the Internet Explorer browser of version 4.0 and higher. The library branch for the Netscape browsers family was not implemented.

Q: What is the distinctive feature of this project in your opinion?

KB_Soft: This tool (the library) targeted Web application developers. We tried to implement the set of user-friendly GUI controls using the most limited set of tools. In particular, the Java Script and Dynamic HTML languages. On the one hand, it led to some restrictions of functionality. But on the other hand, it provided simplicity of integration and usability.


Q: And what about graphical design? Most of the potential consumers of such libraries, first of all, want the GUI controls to harmonize with the common design of their application or site?

KB_Soft: Yes. You are right. To achieve this we tried to supply these controls with maximum flexibility. For instance, using this library you can create a well-structured, multilayer menu for your Web application or Web site by adding just several lines of code into your HTML page. At that the menu will use the same colors and fonts which the developer or designer chooses for his page. The same is fair for other controls of this library. For example, it is possible to define how the scroll bar or the window close button will look. To set the colors of the title bar for the active window, to draw and use one's own icon sets, etc.