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Source Saver COM Component (MS Visual Studio Add-In)



Visual Assist v4 (an IntelliSense system that can be seen at http://wholetomato.com) is a very usable tool, but it has a rather dangerous shortcoming. Sometimes saving a file with the source code is done with a mistake, and MS Visual Studio takes off the 'modified' mark for this file. As a result of such behavior, there is a possibility of losing not only the changes made to the source code, but the source files themselves (which is due to the peculiarities of MS Visual Studio operating with files). The aim of the project was to create a software component that would allow to avoid losing the source code files when using Visual Assist v4 within MS Visual Studio.


The work over the project resulted in the Source Saver COM Component (MS Visual Studio Add-In) that shows a warning and suggests saving the source code file at the attempt of its closing if it is revealed that the file is missing on the disk.

Technical peculiarities

The Add-In built into MS Visual Studio fixes an attempt to close the source code file, and if it reveals that there is no indication of the file having been modified and no file on the disk, it displays a warning and allows to save the file forcedly.