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Smart Audio&Video Codec Installer



Our aim was to develop the utility able to process the user query for video reproduction as follows. If all codecs necessary to play the movie are installed, the play of the movie using the default player should be launched, otherwise the codec installation should be triggered. The utility should be universal, i.e. it should process the arbitrary (user defined) AVI movies.


The Smart Audio&Video Codec Installer was developed to help the Customers who bought movies on CD avoid installing the codecs by themselves. Located on the CD are the movie itself, the codecs needed to view it, and the Smart Audio&Video Codec Installer. To play the movie, the Smart Audio&Video Codec Installer is called which installs the required codecs if necessary. Thus, the Customer does not face such situations when audio or video lacks when playing the movie.

Developer's comments

Q: How does the Smart Audio&Video Codec Installer work?

KB_Soft: The utility opens the movie and checks if the decoding of all audio and video file streams is possible. In case at least one stream cannot be decoded then the codecs are installed, otherwise the movie is reproduced using the default player.
  Q: How exactly does the Smart Audio&Video Codec Installer detect that the movie can be reproduced?

KB_Soft: The AVI file is opened using Windows Multimedia, and each audio and video stream is checked. If it is a video stream, the first frame is decoded, and, in case of an audio stream, it is checked whether the Audio Compression Manager is able to work with the stream.