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Script Language for the CPU Identification Scenarios



The main objective of the project was to design the grammar of a script language that would allow to describe the CPU identification process on the basis of the CPUID instruction data (i.e. the data got from the CPU Identifying Tool.

Technical peculiarities

The distinctive feature of this language is the combination of declarative and procedural approaches to the algorithm presentation.


It was necessary to design the grammar of a language that would allow simple description of the interpretation process of the CPUID instruction data (obtained by means of the CPU Identifying Tool. The language is intended for script writing for the CPUID data processing. The main task of that script was to identify different types of CPUs. Since the identification rules can grow as soon as new CPU types and models appear, the decision was made to use the external description of these rules (script file) which is much easier to update and deliver than the executable code.