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One of the US-based medical companies requested us for web development service. They needed an intranet system to maintain patients� records. System requirements were:
  • Track all patients� folders including doctor information, visits information, patient information, etc.
  • Track folders when they are moved to storage, including information about storage
  • Provide different level access for different user roles
  • Provide possibility to generate different reports
  • Be able to handle hundreds of thousands of database records
  • Provide easy to use interface and convenient functionality to search and filter records
  • Migrate patient data from old FoxPro-based system


We used MS SQL and ASP.NET to implement this system. Client has already got Microsoft servers, so this solution was quite good.

First of all we created utility to migrate old data from FoxPro database to MS SQL. Complexity was in the fact that old database scheme was really bad, so we created new database scheme to provide data integrity. Developed utility handled data migration and mapping to new scheme very well.

Then we created user interface which allows user to work with system conveniently. User interface was powered with AJAX to improve user experience. We created easy to use filtering system to help users in finding needed patient record. Also reports system was implemented to provide administrators with different types of statistics.

    See details and screenshot on KB-Soft.Net site.  


As a result we created powerful intranet application that makes client�s business processes easier. Developed application meets all client�s requirements and server their needs well.