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Pocket PC Inventory Tool



The project may be mainly characterized as a reserch work. Our Customer's need was to clear up the software
  and hardware inventory capabilities applicable for handheld devices running the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system.


This project resulted in the application executing on a "Desktop PC" which the handheld device running the Pocket PC OS synchronized with. This program covers a rather large functionality and receives information about the PDA hardware capabilities (the screen resolution, the CPU model, the built-in and external memory size, etc.).
  Also, the functions of this application allow to get information about the programs installed on the PDA. For example, these are the OS version, the version and list of installed Mobile Office components, the system registry data useful for the software inventory, as well as the Version Info of executables and Dlls.

Developer's comments

Q: How much time did the project last?

KB_Soft: One month and a half.

Q: What was the most difficult and interesting in this work?

KB_Soft: The most interesting and at the same time difficult was the research part of the project. That was the research work that took about 70% of all amount of work performed in terms of this project. Since our Customer wanted the survey of capabilities and the examples of implemented functionality useful for inventory purposes, we had to look for the solution to a rather
  wide range of non-typical, non-trivial tasks.

Q: Could you give an example?

KB_Soft: For example, one of such tasks was a unique identification of the PDA, running the Pocket PC operating system, at any moment. This task was solved as a separate mini-project (iPAQ Inventory DLL). Also, we had to achieve some results using experience approach, as we did not have the reliable and qualitative documentation on some issues. For instance, the issues related with some non-documented Remote API functions of the Pocket PC 2002 and system registry of this operating system.