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Physical Memory Access Driver for MS Windows 2k/XP/2003



While running the SMBIOS Inventory Tool it turned out that the inventory process failed on some notebook models because some SMBIOS data was not accessible. In particular, this happened on Toshiba and FUJITSU laptops. During the inventory process it was necessary to read the memory by physical addresses.

The SMBIOS Inventory Tool is a Win16 application, so it was able to address the memory directly in the 0-16 Mb range, whereas the problem machines had the necessary data located out of this range. The project was aimed at providing access to the SMBIOS data located above the 0-16 Mb range of memory under MS Windows NT4/XP/2k/2003.


As a result of this project we implemented the mechanism allowing SMBIOS Inventory Tool to read the memory by physical addresses while running under MS Windows NT4/XP/2k/2003. The use of this mechanism fixed the inventory problem of the SMBIOS data located above the 0-16 Mb memory range.

Technical peculiarities

To work with physical memory under Windows NT4/XP/2k/2003, we chose the standard way - that is to design an NT Kernel-mode driver able to run on Ring-0 and address physical memory. The driver provides the functionality of copying a portion of physical memory into the specified buffer.