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PDA Shop Assistant



To develop a program system for financial and goods accounting and on a retail sales outlet. The system should run on the Windows CE 3.0 platform.


The project implementation resulted in the program system including the following functional blocks:

the database for groups and goods assortment of a sales outlet;

the warehouse;


the database for clients and groups of clients;

activity reports on sales outlets;

circulation of documents on the trading and purchasing activity.

Technical peculiarities

Initially, the customer assumed only using PDA. So, the program entirely provided data storage and its effective management on PDA. Minor dimensions of working space (its normal resolution does not exceed 240x320) combined with a rather large data set (goods assortment), as well as the limited bulk of the stored data and missing peripherals (a keyboard, any additional equipment
  for data storage) required to thoroughly design the GUI and internal data representation. The most difficult in the project was to implement the main design requirement, that is, the product should be maximally simple to use for the customer. The requirement was to reduce the number of actions when creating different records and building reports, i.e. to try to get the result 'in a single click'.