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NILWebOrder Web Application



One of our clients � large US-based medical company needed a system to allow physicians ordering laboratory tests for their patients online. System is intended for physicians and laboratory employees and one of the key requirements � convenience of usage for both of these groups. System should be able to:
  • add new test orders to the system including information about patient, insurance company, physician and tests(diagnosis, symptoms, appointment date and instructions)
  • print different variants of orders, i.e. for patient and for health care professionals
  • manage different user roles and grant access to site�s pages and functionality depending on user role
  • send email notifications on various events to physicians and employees
  • provide download of orders as a files


We decided to create this web application using Ruby On Rails, because we thought that it would be more efficient to use as client wasn�t sure about requirements and lots of functionality were added during development. And we were right � Ruby On Rails is much more efficient in agile development.

We�ve created design mockups, implemented HTML & CSS code to satisfy client needs on appearance of their system. And then we created all the functionality keeping in mind that this system should be easy to use and should provide enterprise level of data security and integrity, because information in this system is very important.

    See details and screenshots on GuruOnRails website.  


As a result our client has perfect, stable and easy to use web application that helps them in their business. And we believe that system which we developed helps not only our clients, but also lots of patients in US. We are happy to create systems that help people.