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One of our clients needed a site which would allow users to view streaming video from different television channels and also allow to update the channels database in an automatic way. We created SRS and started to develop the site on the base of client�s wishes.

Here are the main requirements which were received on the stage of preliminary discussion of the project:
  1. The site should consist of 2 parts � client and administrative.
  2. Administrative part should have a possibility to add and edit channels and also manage them.
  3. Administrative part should allow to add channels, both in manual, and in an automatic mode.
  4. Access to administrative part should be presented only to registered users having status administrator or moderator.
  5. A possibility of automatic specifying of channels status depending on its condition should be supported.
  6. Client part of the site should have a simple and clear user interface allowing to find a favourite channel as soon as possible and start its viewing.
  7. Client part user interface should exactly correspond to the sketches presented.
  8. There should be a possibility to filter and sort channels by different categories in the client part.


In the process of preliminary analysis of the task it was discovered that site implementation on ASP.NET will suit the Client most, besides, development and support of ASP.NET variant of this site will be more effective. That is why, decision to use ASP.NET 2.0. at the creation of this site was taken. MS SQL Server 2005 was chosen as DMBS.

For a complete correspondence to the main page outlines it was necessary to develop a special customized scrollbar and adjust its appearance.

In the process of work on the site a flexible system of creating, search, editing and channels management was created.

A functionality allowing to update channels databases automatically with the help of importing them from outer sources was developed.

Due to a created filtering and sorting system any user of the site may quickly and easily choose a channel to his taste. Besides, for the process of channel search to be as easy as it could and would maximally increase the speed of getting result, a decision of placing functional elements on the main page was taken.
Microsoft Media Player was embedded into the page in order to transmit channels.

To increase performance, user convenience and efficiency of requests processing AJAX technology was used.

Infrastructure of managing users and roles allowing to provide site management only to user who have right for that was designed for the administrative part.

To maintain sites databases in an actual state the system of automatic determination of channel status was developed (see Channel Analyzer). A possibility to control this system with the help of administrative part of the site was added. It allowed to provide users with a maximally precise information about channels state.

For management of the basic site adjustments in an administrative part the special opportunity was provided.

Software and Services

HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft AJAX, ASP.NET (C#), IIS 6.0, MS SQL Server 2005.


In the result of project implementation the Client received a site possessing a demanded functionality and allowing to automatically update channels database at the same time maintaining it in an actual state.