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One of our clients ordered one more web application at KB Soft. Task was in following � create a web application for translating TV channels online. This is a main purpose of the application, but in addition to video playback, the following should be done:
  • favorite channels functionality allowing users to create list of channels they like more
  • provide possibility to download different �extra� items from a site
  • manage different user roles and provide different access levels for users
  • allow user to submit new channels and leave messages for administration
  • provide functionality to select channels via different filters, i.e. language, country, category
  • create powerful back-end system for managing all content on the site, including tool for TV channels import from XML file


We chose Ruby On Rails and MySQL to create all needed functionality. Client provided us with design mockups and we created HTML and CSS code for them and ensured that all browsers display it in one and the same way.

Then we developed functionality for selecting and displaying channels and powered user interface with AJAX. As far as we�ve got lots of channels to display (about 5 thousands) we created pager with �smart shortcuts� showing pages in the middle and end of pages range. It makes page navigation much easier.

We created site back-end to be easy to use and powerful. Administrators can manage channel, view feedbacks and submitted channels, manage users, add new items for download, and many more via back-end. We also created notification system that sends messages to administration when user submits new channel or leaves feedback message on site.

    See details and screenshots on GuruOnRails.com website  


As a result we created perfect website for translating TV channels online which meets all the requirements. Client is happy with our work.