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Informational portal of Koltsovo science-city administration



Koltsovo science-city is a centre of Russia�s biotechnologies. Science-city town hall needed a modern powerful informational portal for two-sided communications with the population, enterprises, Mass Media, Russian and foreign organizations. The portal should be underlining Koltsovo�s image of a rapid developing scientific-industrial centre of biotechnologies. A group of moderators, not possessing programming skills should be supporting and controlling the portal.


Light modern design reflected Koltsovo image in a precise way.

CMS DotNetNuke was used for the solution of the set tasks. The base functionality of this system was widened and updated, a unique set of skins, providing a convenient and modern mean of presenting information to the user, was developed. The whole administrative interface was located in order to lighten moderators� work. Delimitation of access rights and zones of moderators� responsibilities allowed to constantly maintain currency of information on the portal, make operative changes in the portal�s content and avoid mistakes when moderating the content. A set of functional decisions, such as forum, voting, comments, forms for sending messages to the email of portal administration and representatives of science-city authorities, was implemented in order to provide a two-sided communication between Koltsovo town-hall and portal users.


DotNetNuke, VB.NET, C#, IIS 6.0, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS.



The client received a powerful, adjusted and ready to use tool for an effective communication with a wide audience of users. Moderation of the content is simplified to the maximum extent. WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editor is used, so the moderators can only possess basic computer skills for a successful fulfillment of their tasks. With the portal implementation, Koltsovo town hall received an opportunity to inform the population about programs and projects, held at Koltsovo enterprises, to more effectively attract investors for collaboration, inform citizens about different events, held in the science-city, and also receive necessary information from the portal users. Implementation of such a portal renders a positive influence both in an economic way, due to a more effective search of partners and investors, and in a way of setting more tight and clear connections with the population and maintaining of Koltsovo science-city modern image.