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KBSDataGrid .Net Component



It is often necessary to display information like a table. For this purpose, the standard System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid element can be used. Unfortunately, the standard DataGrid does not solve many problems, particularly, it does not allow to title line headers,

  to set colours for the specified cells, to change the edit mode for separate cells, etc. To create a usable and nice interface, it is necessary to accomplish the above issued problems. So, creating a comfortable DataGrid component is an actual task.



The KBSDataGrid component has a lot of useful peculiarities. Due to them, it allows to solve lots of problems, that are impossible to solve with the standard DataGrid, e.g.:

to sign up the line headers;

to set the colour for any specified string, column, or a cell;

to nest a picture in any cell or header (of a line or a column);

a "Parent" line can be fixed for any KBSDataGrid line. Such lines will be displayed right below the parent ("Parent") line;


an edit mode can be enabled/disabled for any line or a separate cell;

the line height can be modified programmatically.
Just a reminder, KBSDataGrid includes all features of the standard DataGrid. Thus, it allows to use data binding, to define a style for a table or its specified columns (DataGridTableStyle and DataGridColumnStyle), etc. The designed .NET component, KBSDataGrid was used in the Financial .Net Application - Cash Flow Report project.


Technical peculiarities

KBSDataGrid was implemented on the .Net Framework 1.1. It is easily integrated with the ToolBox VS.Net. It possesses not only all capabilities of the standard DataGrid, but also a lot of auxiliary features. KBSDataGrid is quite simple to use.