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HTML Decoder Component



The Microsoft company in its Microsoft Internet Explorer browser of version 5.0 and higher supplies functionality of coding (encrypting) some fragments of content of HTML page. For instance, it may be a Java Script scenario executed on the Client side. In this connection, non-readable, encrypted code is displayed to a user when he chooses to browse the source of such an HTML document.

  The Customer offered us to solve the task of decrypting such documents and implement a tool which allows to browse text encrypted by means of IE browser functions. This tool was intended for development control and the debugging of web-oriented system developed and supported by our Customer. The components of the system generated encoded content of HTML pages which was necessary to control and debug.



As a result of the project we implemented the algorithm of decrypting such HTML documents as well as DLL library (COM component) supplying corresponding functions

  to a user. The installation of this component under Windows OS enables a user to browse the content of HTML pages encrypted with the mentioned method.


Technical peculiarities

As a technical peculiarity of this project we would like to mention non-standard and complicated algorithm of HTML page decrypting as well as the program format itself. This tool was implemented as the DLL library - Add-In component for Windows OS, which was bound to HTML file type. The functionality of this component extends Windows context menu, which is displayed to a user when he chooses an HTML file in system and clicks the mouse right button on its icon. Thus, it is possible just
  to chose an HTML file with encrypted fragments, click the mouse right button on it, choose "Decode HTML Source" option and get the copy of this HTML page with the readable (decrypted) content, stored on a hard disk. We deliberately do not publish technical details of the project implementation, as they constitute the private property of our Customer. However, if you are interested in some technical aspects of the project you may address your questions to info@kbsoft-group.com.