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We at KB Soft started to provide our clients with new service � Ruby On Rails web development. Ruby On Rails is amazing framework to develop great web applications. We needed a website to promote this new service. The website we wanted to have should have:
  • Recognizable Rails-style design
  • User friendly navigation
  • Understandable explanation of Ruby On Rails development service provided by KB Soft
  • Feedback system, including sending direct messages and estimation requests
  • Blog functionality to post our thoughts and share experience in Rails development


Of course for Ruby On Rails promo website we used Ruby On Rails, MySQL and deployed the site on a Linux server. We created cool-looking design and added AJAX to improve user experience working with the site.

Also we developed blog system allowing us to add new posts easily; we�ve added some features to help visitors in searching for articles � tag cloud and �last posts� section. In order to increase amount of readers we generate RSS feed on our website.

Our prospective clients � people or companies who need perfect website created for their business needs and they are looking for the best service with the best price. And we believe that we must give them an easy way to get in touch with us. So we created two forms � one to send a text message and one to request project estimation online. Estimation form helps a lot to save time both for us and for our prospective client. It works just perfect.


As a result we have a Ruby On Rails promo site created satisfying all our needs and presenting our Ruby On Rails development service. The website helps our clients to get in touch with us and to request estimation online. Feel free to visit GuruOnRails.com website.