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Guess The Pair



Guess The Pair is one of the games for Android OS from our �Brain Games� series. It�s a puzzle game and a perfect memory trainer!


So lets summarize the features you will find in the Guess The Pair:
  • Three difficulty levels with different time limits to complete the goal
  • Cool animation
  • 5 skins to customize the game in the way you like more. Some skins, e.g. Mahjong-like, are harder, so it�s not only visual presentation
  • Addictive memory trainer and challenging puzzle game/li>
  • Clean and simple user interface with nothing that you will not need
    As you can see there are 30 tiles on a game field and you see them from the back. You can open tiles by tapping them or clicking via trackball. You can open tiles one-by-one, but only two of them at the same time. Your aim is quite simple - open similar tiles to remove them from a game field. Sounds simple, right?
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