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GUI Design for the Satellite Positioning Tool



This project was related with graphic design to a great extent. The Customer's need was to design a small utility that would display the settings of a satellite antenna (used for mobile TV stations) to be then directed to the specified satellite.



Since we had had some experience in building graphical user interface for Windows applications using skins (Job Monitor With a Non-Standard GUI), we suggested the following design of grafic interface for the utility to our Customer.


Developer's comments

Q: And what does this program display?

KB_Soft: As soon as the satellite name has been chosen from the dropdown list, on a corresponding indicator board this "device" displays the elevation and azimuth needed for the antenna to be pointed to a particular satellite. The parameters for the antenna are being displayed both as digits and graphically, i.e. using white pointers on the scale.

Q: Where does the satellite position data come from?

KB_Soft: The Customer's idea was that the utility would get an entry INI file with the list of corresponding position data.