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Financial .Net Application - Cash Flow Report



One of the main primary enterprise financial documents is the Cash Flow Report. The objective of the present project was to design a system that would automate the enterprise cash flow accounting.



The developed system enables the user to perform the following operations:

to create the cash expense and income items;

to group the capital items that is a quite convenient feature for the Customer;

to fix the cash flow of any currency;

to view the cash flow on any item or group of items for any period of time;

to represent the rest of funds, both current and at the end of any past period, in any currency;

to create printable reports on the cash flow for any period of time.




Technical peculiarities

The system was designed as a multi-user one. It allows to create users and to supply them with special access rights.

The system targets the MS SQL Server database.

The system was implemented on the modern Microsoft .Net platform. This platform is quite convenient to implement the business automation systems. The fact that the system was implemented using Microsoft.Net, as well as a properly designed architecture, allow

increasing its flexibility and extensibility. The system can be extended to support other financial documents.

The printable reports are designed using Crystal Reports.

The product deployment is implemented as a very convenient scenario (due to using Microsoft .Net).

To simplify the system technical support, the mechanism of operations history tracking was implemented.