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E-Mail Processor



It was necessary to implement saving the incoming/outgoing e-mail messages in the network resource in the files located in the user-defined directory tree. This was necessary to enable the users to share the mail message database. All the security and illegal access prevention issues had to be solved using the standard system tools of file access management.



After having studied the capabilities of mail clients used in our company, the decision was made to implement the mail processing utility with a flexible customizable processing algorithm.

The custom settings of the processing algorithm are set via command line interface, as well as via settings files.

Technical peculiarities

The main problem of the task was the requirement to provide the highest reliability of mail processing, as well as to prevent loss of correspondence. Since the message files were stored on a network resource, the task of reliable delivery of message files to a repository became more complicated.
  The decision was made to move the letters via temporary repository with a guaranteed access. The location of a temporary repository is defined by the user too. Also, the operation history tracking system was implemented. It allows the user to see the intermediate steps of mail processing procedure.