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Distributed Compilation Support Utility



To create the wrapper that would transform the command line formatted for the MSDEV program of Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0 to the format of
  the BuildConsole utility of IncrediBuild by Xoreax Software that is used for distributed project compilation (http://www.xoreax.com).


The designed utility is intended for distributed compilation of large scale Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 projects using the Xoreax IncrediBuild suite. Normally, the compilation is performed using scenarios/scripts (the bat files) that assume the use of the msdev.exe program of Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0. The use of this utility allows to significantly reduce the build time for large scale projects without changing the projects and build script structure (that is possible due to
  parallel compilation of the project parts across multiple computers). This, in its turn, accelerates the process of large scale program system design and debugging. For instance, the project, that used to be assembled during 45 minutes, managed to be built during 6 minutes without making any changes to the project itself or to the build scripts, by using this utility. Such effect was achieved due to the project compilation being performed across 10 machines simultaneously.

Technical peculiarities

There exists a nice software product designed for distributed compilation of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 projects across multiple machines, that is IncrediBuild by Xoreax Software. Unfortunately, the existing scripts (the .bat files) cannot be used unchanged for the project compilation, since the BuildConsole.exe utility that starts the distributed project build accepts input parameters in the format different from the format of the msdev.exe program input parameters. To solve this
  problem, we designed the msdev.exe wrapper which is launched from the command files, used for batch build of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 projects, instead of the original msdev.exe of Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0. The utility uses its command line parameters to form the command line of another format, suitable for Xoreax tool. Then the utility starts BuilConsole.exe to build the project, redirecting the its output into the file or to the console if necessary.