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The site of one of our clients was in need of a complex of program solutions, which would allow to automatically determine the state of television channels transmitted via Internet and support the site channels database allowing to view these channels in an actual state. In the result of a preliminary discussion the following demands were formulated:
  1. There should be a possibility to determine a state of a certain channel in an automatic way.
  2. At a change of channels state, this information should be automatically placed to the channels database.
  3. The process of channels state analysis should start with a certain frequency without user�s participation.
  4. Analysis parameters adjustment should be executed in a remote way.
  5. There should be a possibility to receive information about analysis progress and its results at any moment.


In the process of a preliminary analysis of the task, it was discovered that the Client will be satisfied with the site implementation of .NET platform. Then the set of components allowing to provide this task solution was defined:
  1. Administrative part of the site transmitting channels should be used for adjusting analysis parameters.
  2. Web-service for information exchange between the analysis utility and channels DB.
  3. Administrator utility � provides adjustment of analysis utility local parameters.
  4. Channels analysis utility � holds a direct analysis of channels state.
A decision to develop a web-service on ASP.NET 2.0. was taken. MS SQL Server 2005 was chosen as DBMS.

It was decided to divide the operation into 3 stages:
  1. Administrator utility should receive information about the frequency of a launch and analysis operation parameters (is specified in the site administrative part) in a specified period of time (by means of Web-service) and coming out of this information create scheduled task for analysis utility.
  2. At a launch of analysis utility on schedule an information request about channels and their direct analysis is carried out.
  3. Data about analysis results are given back to the site DB (by means of Web-service).
To provide security of transmitted data a system of authorization was developed, which was used at an effort of access to web-service.

For scheduling tasks .Net implementation of Task Scheduler API was used.

Encoded XML-files were used for storing analysis
and administrator utility settings.

The following analysis parameters were used:
  1. Timeout for connecting with a channel. On the expiry of which a conclusion of a channel availability is made.
  2. Duration of band width measuring. On the expiry of a period a conclusion about channel state is made.
  3. Band width value at which a channel is transferred into low transfer rate status.
MS Windows Media Player toolkit was used for a direct analysis of channels.

Both background launch on schedule and manual launch with a display of analysis progress and its results were supported for analysis utility.

In the result of work all four components were developed, and for analysis utility and administrator utility one installation packet was additionally created. It allows to install and hold analysis procedure on any computer.

Software and Services

HTML, JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET(C#), IIS 6.0, MS SQL Server 2005, Inno Setup, Task Scheduler API, XML


In the result of project implementation, the Client received a complex of program solutions allowing to automate channels analysis process, which significantly reduces expenditures on the site maintenance and prevents efforts of site users to view invalid channels.