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CPU Identification Scenarios Interpreter



The objective of the project was to design an interpreter for the Script Language for the CPU Identification Scenarios executing the compiled script scenario written using this language.


The interpreter was designed to execute the compiled scripts. It had to be implemented as a set of C++ classes so that it could be integrated (on the code level) with the complex network management system. It was assumed that there was the data at the system input, which had been obtained as a result of running the CPU Identifying Tool utility, and the bytecode of the compiled scenario of this data interpretation. Thus, actually, it is the interpreter who identifies the processor by means of executing the compiled scenario.

Technical peculiarities

The implemented interpreter allows to execute the scenario, as well as to get full access to all the runtime variables. The interpreter includes the script failure protection system. This means that the script run-time errors are completely isolated
  from the system code and cannot lead to the chrash of the program, executing the interpreter code. Besides, the interpreter contains the protection subsystem preventing the program from infinite looping.