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COM Component for Translation Statistics Support



The objective of the project was to develop a convenient utility, which allows to estimate the cost of translator work depending on number of symbols (or words) in a document to translate.


We have developed a COM component extending functionality of MS Word XP. The component implements flexibly customizable functionality of collecting statistics for MS Word document and calculating the cost of a document translation being based on statistic data.

Technical peculiarities

This program was designed as the Add-In component which is built into the MS Word XP editor. The component extends functionality of the editor with its own tool bar and allows user to get statistics (number of symbols, words, etc.) for the entire document (or selected text only) and estimate the cost of translation depending on the other component settings
  (such as the cost of single word translation, currency used, etc.). We deliberately do not publish technical details of the project implementation, as they constitute the private property of our Customer. However, if you are interested in some technical aspects of the project you may address your questions to info@kbsoft-group.com.