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Automatic Update Client Management under MS Windows 2k/XP/2003



The main objective of this project was to develop a utility providing the remote settings management for the Microsoft Automatic Update Client for a group of client machines. This utility had to be implemented as a separate GUI application and integrated with the enterprise network management system.


The developed Automatic Update Client Management Utility has a user friendly GUI and allows to set any settings for the Automatic Update Client. This program can run in two modes:

passing the settings to the network management system database;

connecting to a remote client and defining the custom settings directly.
The program modes are set via command line parameters.

Technical peculiarities

The Automatic Update Client settings are stored in the Windows system registry. The registry key values are set by the network management program for a group of remote client machines. After the settings have been entered by the administrator, the utility generates a ".reg" file and distributes it to the remote clients. Then (immediately or after reboot) the special

  tool is run on each client PC and populates the registry with the settings from the ".reg" file. For a single remote client, the Automatic Update Client settings may be set directly by connecting to the registry of the remote machine. The settings are written directly to the remote registry, and then the Automatic Update Client service is restarted in order to make the settings come into effect.