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Being a member of community of Android developers and users, we at KB Soft wanted to create something useful for people who like Android operating system as we do. Android community is growing and there are lots of news every day. Each post in a blog, news from handsets makers, rumors about new devices, official Google announcements � this information stream is spread in Internet space. And we decided to create the site which will concentrate all this stuff in one place. It would be convenient for people who track Android news. So the requirements are:
  • Very simple and clear user interface
  • Ability to post new items for everyone without registration
  • Additional benefits for registered users
  • Grouping news by days


To create and launch such a website for Android community we used Linux server, MySQL, Ruby On Rails. We have developed a web application that completely satisfy all our and community�s needs. Application allows user post new item to the flow, reed them as RSS or twitter � so it�s really simple to get all the news in Android OS world.

Then we have designed an appearance of this website keeping in mind that the main purpose is tracking news. So the main part of the page is for news it takes almost all the screen. Suppose it�s useful for our users.


Results are obvious � great site for the Android developers and users community, allowing everyone to post own news and read others ones. Please feel free to visit and join AndroidFlow.