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For some time ago KB Soft Group started to develop a new direction � Android application development. We have been interested in Android operating system since autumn 2008 and like it very much. With start of new direction of our business we needed a new website to tell about our services for all people.

So the requirements could look like this:
  • Website with simple and clean look
  • Easy content management
  • Blog should be included


We�ve got both Windows and Linux hosting possibilities and we chosen PHP & MySQL environment for our Android development website.

We were looking for quick solution allowing us to update content easily and to present our Android software development service clearly. And we chosen Wordpress blog system. Wordpress is a powerfull tool that allowed us to create system we need very fast.

We have created brand new theme for our site and installed it on our blog. We have also done some researches on plugins and configured robust system for our Android development website.


As a result we have website that completely meets our requirements. Please feel free to take a look. What else can we say? KB Soft solved the task fast and efficiently, as always.