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The 15 Puzzle



The 15 Puzzle is the second game in our Brain Games series. It is an Android implementation of quite old classic board game. The goal is to put all counters in ascending order. You can slide counters to the empty cell on a game field and there is only one empty cell on the field, so it may be quite hard sometimes!

When you start a new game, all the counters are re-arranged randomly, so every game session will be unique and some of them may be more difficult that the others. The 15 Puzzle will be different every time you start the game!


  • Unique counters set every time you play 15 Puzzle. Game sets are generated randomly every time you start new game. This means that each game seesion will be different!
  • Brain Trainer. It�s not easy to solve this puzzle, sometimes it�s even quite hard! You�ll need to think about sliding the counters!
  • Customizable. We have prepared facility for you to change appearance of the 15 Puzzle, so you can tune it in the way you like more. You are able to change skins and toggle sounds in the game!
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