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Offshore software development feels in-house
Offshore software development feels   in-house
      KB_Soft Group is an offshore software development company located in Russia. Employing a solid team of professional software developers, KB_Soft Group provides custom offshore software development services ranging from full-cycle application development to outsourcing support and enhancement. Since 2000 KB_Soft Group has been a faithful servant to its customers in the USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK conscientiously meeting its commitments to them and providing them with "just-what-they-want" solutions that meet their development standards at the minimum possible expenses.

For outsourcing we offer our partners offshore software development advantages which enable them to combine the benefits of developing software in-house with those of outsourcing and ensure successful completion of offshore software development projects. Our goal is not only to professionally perform software development but also to make you pleased with your software project experience with KB_Soft Group and feel serenity and confidence of your offshore software development partner.


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“I have no hesitation in recommending KB_Soft for software development services. They are technically excellent, thoroughly honest, hard-working individuals with a good eye for architectural elegance blended with commercial realism.”

Stephen Briggs
Engineering Director
Vector Networks Limited
Since 2000 KB_Soft Group has successfully implemented over 250 commercial offshore software development projects. KB_Soft Group�s portfolio presents the software development solutions approved by offshore customers for publishing on KB_Soft Group�s site.